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We protect your privacy

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We protect your privacy

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The revelations of Edward Snowden

have clearly shown that telephone calls worldwide are being tapped and chats are being being monitored.

Even Angela Merkel’s cell phone could easily be compromised by the NSA. But eavesdropping does not only affect politicians. More and more companies are offering, more or less openly, a variety of efficient spy software packages.

These are increasingly being used for corporate espionage, domestically and internationally.

As a result, nothing is confidential and secret anymore. Your data is no longer safe.

Therefore you should protect your private and corporate secrets now with the best available technology.


Protecting your privacy and your secrets

We are the engineers, cryprographers, and security experts who have developed DN8.

Time had come to develop a better solution than everything that was on the market.

Protect your private and corporate secrets from unauthorized access!

Traditional VPN services offer their service worldwide.

So do we, but in a different way:

Our servers are operated exclusively in-house in our company-owned data centers.

This is the only way to guarantee the highest level of security. In contrast to other providers, we only operate on servers that we own and we never store any of your data.

This is unprecedented, worldwide!

Our servers are equipped with unhackable, encrypted hard disks. This way, even in the event of a seizure, authorities have no chance of obtaining your data.

You can rest assured.

The Privacy Product Line

Maximum protection by leading-edge technology

The DN8 Key Switching Concept, Guarantor of your Safety

DN8 provides the strongest level of encryption and an automated daily key switching mechanism.

Protect your privacy with the best VPN!

Other VPN providers usually do this:

They generate one key ... and are done. This key will never be changed.

With the PrivacyNet concept:

Your key is automatically switched daily.


Even when throwing all available technical resources at it, this encryption can not be hacked.

The Unparalleled Technology of our DN8 Key Switching

Maximum protection by leading-edge technology

Our network stands apart as we own the infrastructure of all our nodes. We use multiple encrypted communication paths with 5,000 to 8,000 bit keys that are mathematically hard to attack. Unparalleled in the industry is our automatic key switching that is performed on all of our nodes every 24 hours!
These features make it impossible even for intelligence agencies to crack this encryption scheme. The required technical effort to crack this encryption is simply too high, and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

Periodic Key Switching

Every VPN Gateway runs, beside the VPN Service, the Kbads Service (Key build and distribution system). Using this service, each PrivacyPhone retrieves regularly new encryption keys and certificates. The VPN Gateway generates daily new keys and distributes them in a secure way to the PrivacyPhones. Just like the VPN Service, Kbads uses TLS1.3 with AES256, AEAD, PFS, GCM, and DHE.

Length is Important – Particularly for Encryption Keys

Normally, encryption is done with static key sizes e.g. 1024 bit, 2048 bit, 4096 bit, etc. We only use keys with the length of secure prime numbers, e.g. 5717 bits. One of our research projects has shown that encryption keys are particularly difficult to break when they have the lengths of prime numbers. Big bruteforce key-hacking clusters cannot be optimized for such modified key sizes. Our VPN gateways use dynamically generated keys of prime number length between 5000 and 8000 bits. For a bruteforce cluster to hack such a key, it must determine the new key size after each key exchange, then adapt to this size and then has a maximum of 24 hours to compute the newly generated key.


Is everything really safe? Yes!