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Our tool tip: Determine IP address

The checks the tool for IP-addresses

There are several tools to get information about IP addresses. A well-known tool provides WhatIsMyIP. You can simply the browser-based tool call to find out information about your own IP address:

  • The specific public IPv4 or IPv6 address used to surf the Internet.
  • The IP location e.g. Frankfurt am Main in Germany
  • The ISP (Internet Provider) e.g. Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

It provides various address information. The most far-reaching functions include:

  • Internet speed test
  • Locate location
  • Proxy detection
  • Whois search
  • Tutorials that show the user how to trace an address

In addition, knowing the IP address is crucial:

  • for online games
  • For access to data from external e.g. remote desktop connections
  • Connection to the surveillance camera DVR
  • Check if anonymity is guaranteed or is the IP address masked yes or no?

The IPaddress of the router with Windows determine

You don’t necessarily have to use the browser-based tool. The Windows shortcut can also be used to determine the public IP address on the computer. To start the command, press the “Windows key + R”. Type “cmd” and confirm with Enter. Now write “ipconfig” in the new window and confirm with Enter as well. In the line “Default gateway” you can now read out your IP address of the router.

The reveals the IPaddress

  • Personal Data: A search with the IP address in the WHOIS database shows the name, phone number and address of the owner of the IP address. As a rule, it is not your own address that is displayed here, but that of the Internet provider. Of course, this depends on your own infrastructure.
  • The location: country, region, city, GPS data and telephone area code.
  • Online activities with this IP address: The data that has been downloaded is stored. The log files even provide information about which web pages were visited or which Wikipedia pages were edited.
  • Youremail address, if emails were sent under this IP address.

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IP-addresses and Privacygoes the together at all together?

Dynamic IP addresses count as personal data. The Federal Court of Justice ruled on this on October 19, 2017. Most end users use such dynamic IP addresses. In short, unless you have explicitly requested a static IP, you are very likely to surf with a dynamic IP address.

In order not to violate data protection laws, companies and public bodies must protect the privacy of users. Website operators are encouraged to take security aspects into account when storing IP addresses.

Companies must be particularly careful when it comes to web analytics and sending out advertising. User profiling based on the data is particularly sensitive. The storage of data is only allowed if the functionality of the online service is not guaranteed otherwise. Online stores, for example, save the memorized clothing items in the shopping cart of the online store.

Businesses and public governments need to consider the following:

  • Each user can object to the creation of usage profiles based on their own data
  • The objection must be easy and effective for the user to implement (note in the privacy policy)
  • Pseudonymized usage data must be strictly separated from the carriers of the pseudonyms
  • The user always has the possibility to have created usage profiles deleted subsequently.
  • IP addresses and geolocation may only be used with the unambiguous consent of the data subject (e.g., a check mark that the user sets deliberately)
  • Otherwise, the IP address is shortened in such a way that it is no longer possible to refer to a person.
  • Also used third-party providers that create usage profiles, for example. Google Analytics, must meet these requirements as part of the order processing.

What is a IP-address?

An IP address is an exclusive number. It is the “home address” of your devices on the Internet! Every end device has an IP address, including printers and routers. Every end device needs an IP address to be connected to the network in the first place.

IPv4 vs. IPv6 addresses

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are a protocol standard. IPv4 is the fourth version of the standard. This is a twelve-digit number or address, e.g., which runs at 32 bits. When all number combinations and thus possible IP addresses were used up, IPv6 was developed. It is the latest standard with a 128-bit length and countless possible combinations.

IPv4 vs. IPv6 Addressesaddresses – Similarities and differences

Both addresses were developed with the aim of making devices uniquely identifiable. Differences arise due to the functions. For example, IPv6 performs better in terms of speed. The configuration works automatically with IPv6, with IPv4 the devices are still added to the network manually. Security aspects have also been integrated, e.g. through secure DNS name resolution and identity verification.

Public vs. private IPaddresses

A router has both a public and a private (internal) IP address. The public IP is uniquely assigned by the provider. It can be determined by tools like “What is my IP”. Private IPs refer to the local network. They encrypt individual end devices in the home or company network, for example.

IP-Address change and location hide

A VPN masks your own public IP address. You then surf the net with the changed IP address of the VPN. At the same time, you can hide your location by choosing a VPN server abroad, for example. So, to change your IP address and hide your location, all you need is VPN.

So it goes: VPN for a private connection use

With our PrivacyCube, a highly secure VPN connection can be established very easily and quickly. For this, the PrivacyCube is connected to the router and power with the cable and off you go! You can dial in directly via the PrivacyNet (VPN wifi) and surf with a changed IP address. No configuration is necessary thanks to the Plug and Secure function.

Surf safely now

Your mobile VPN router
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