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A VPN router is suitable for all people who rely on IoT and many internet-connected devices.

Is Your Robot vacuum cleaner from Hacking-attacks protected? Who many internet-enabled Devices owns, should itself especially protect.

What is a VPN Router?

A VPN router is a normal router with pre-installed VPN client software. Each device that connects to the VPN router is anonymized. Behind this is reliable hardware and sophisticated routing functions.

A VPN router offers a real advantage: multiple devices are protected simultaneously. In short, all devices are encrypted via the router connection. The functionality is very similar to our PrivacyCube!

What is a VPN?

We have already reported about what exactly a VPN is and how it works. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. Using a VPN connection or the private network, you can surf the public network securely and anonymously. The VPN router disguises the IP address and at the same time maintains privacy on the network.

When is worth is the use of a VPN router?

For a young company, a normal consumer-grade network router will suffice. As the startup grows, the company network should evolve as well.

The network can quickly become overloaded with more employees and remote devices. If employees access data on the company network from outside or via home office, a VPN router is worthwhile. It offers robust, efficient and safe performance. Thanks to the ease of use, families, couples and shared apartments benefit. A VPN router isworth itself always when there are many internet-based devices in the household exists.

Examples for the Use of VPN

We will show you two specific examples where a VPN router makes sense:

  1. You live in a household with a lot of appliances. The VPN configuration of each individual device is very complex and requires a lot of prior knowledge. A VPN router is more relaxed!
  2. They love the world of IoT devices. You already have a robot vacuum cleaner or controls Philips Hue lights. Of course, you don’t want a hacker to operate your vacuum cleaner externally or even block it. We therefore recommend securing all connections to IoT devices.
  3. You have a lot of older devices, such as an old printer or fax machine, and you want to secure the Internet connection.

The Advantages of VPNRouters

Any VPN connection anonymizes the IP address and protects your privacy. Apart from the general advantages that a VPN offers, we have listed the most important benefits of a VPN router here:

  1. Multiple devices are protected simultaneously such as computers, smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and wifi kitchen appliances
  2. Convenience: There is no need to set up VPN software for each individual device.
  3. The VPN router provides security with absolute ease (no complex configuration and consideration of all devices)
  4. Complete automation: you don’t have to reconnect every time, the VPN router takes care of everything.
  5. Even non VPN-enabled devices are secured such as Apple TV, PlayStation and many more.

How useful is the central VPN-protection at the router?

To put it briefly: very useful! The biggest errors in a VPN connection occur in the configuration or in the use of the VPN.

A VPN router is already pre-installed – no configuration is necessary. At the same time, a VPN router protects any Internet-enabled device as soon as it is connected to the power. The router establishes a VPN tunnel that protects each device. Any person can without Prior knowledge the own Data protect.

Our PrivacyCube offers the same functionality. This is connected to power and router. The PrivacyCube functions as a gateway or upstream VPN tunnel in an open wifi. For those who don’t want to replace their current router, our PrivacyCube has a highly secure Solution.

Surf safely now

Your mobile VPN router
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The Disadvantages of VPNRouters

  1. The setup process is a bit tricky. You should allow 15 minutes for this and have the user manual ready or write to the provider’s ticket system if help is needed. However, with a little trial and error, you can do it just fine on your own. If you want to dispense with the setup completely, we recommend our Plug & Secure function.
  2. This point indirectly affects the VPN connection. Beware of VPN providers that do not allow VPN router settings! These are inferior VPNs that are not compatible with the VPN router. So, make sure that the VPN provider always enables all the necessary settings.
  3. Not every VPN connection is equally secure. You should look deeper into encryption when choosing a VPN provider. We have many informative and understandable articles about thisin our Advisor prepared.

In summary leaves itself say: Not every router harmonizes with every VPN client. On the one hand, there are old routers that are not VPN-enabled. On the other hand, your existing VPN provider may not be compatible with the VPN router.

On must at Purchase of a VPN router pay attention to be

Using a VPN router is simple and convenient. However, there are some points to consider when making the purchase. To use the VPN service of a router, the router needs certain functions:

An absolute must:

  • Look for the “VPN client function” label. This ensures that you really buy a VPN router.
  • Choose a pre-configured VPN router (expensive)
  • Check the protocols used (PPTP client, L2TP (IPsec), Open VPN Client, WireGuard Client). If the VPN router supports OpenVPN, it will be compatible with many VPN providers.
  • How good is the encryption strength? Is there a killswitch?

Nice to Have:

  • Check where the VPN server is located and what the laws are there. Are logs legally shared with the government?
  • How good is the user interface or the interface to perform VPN settings independently? There are currently still many VPN routers that have difficult to use interfaces. An app to the VPN router is great!

Available VPN-Protocols on VPN router

With the OpenVPN protocol you are on the safe side! It is useful to look at the VPN router to see if WireGuard is already in use as a protocol. With regard to protocols, we are eager to see WireGuard’s development. This is supposed to be an extremely fast VPN protocol. It is to be integrated for both Windows, Android, Linux, Apple macOS and iOS. It makes sense to “think” WireGuard when you buy.

VPN capable routers and preconfigurederte VPN routers

We don’t want to advertise VPN routers here, because we are convinced of our own VPN cubes . We know that ASUS offers many WLAN routers that are basically universal, inexpensive and can be used in any network. However, these are more suitable for the home network. Netgear routers are also suitable for establishing a VPN connection.

OpenVPN and VPN Router

For us, OpenVPN is still the gold standard among VPN protocols. Most VPN providers support OpenVPN. So do we! OpenVPN routers are widely available on the market and easy to use.

Is my Router for VPN suitable?

If it is possible, you can open the user interface of your router. Here you need to search for a term like “VPN client”. If they read terms like IPSec, OpenVPN or PPTP, you can be sure that you already own a VPN router. If you have an ASUS device, it may be a VPN router.

How does VPN with the FRITZ!Box?

If you own a FRITZ!Box, we have to disappoint you. The FRITZ!Box router cannot be connected to any VPN provider. There is a VPN function on the user interface, but it is not what you are looking for. It is only a VPN connection from one Fritzbox to another Fritzbox within a network. Our PrivacyCube coulden You directly to Your Fritzbox connect resp.. Switch on and safen with it also all devices from.

DD-WRT and OpenWRT

DD-WRT and OpenWRT are open source applications to improve or “flash” an existing router. The goal is for the router to be able to establish a VPN connection. For this method, a lot of previous knowledge is required. We do not recommend this method to VPN beginners, as transmission errors will occur. This may render the router unusable or you may unknowingly introduce yourself to data leaks. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Who his privacy protect will, buys only pre-configured VPN hardware.

Surf safely now

Your mobile VPN router
Our DN8 PrivacyCube
From €6.99

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