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How do I hide my IP address?

What is a IP-address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. It is an identification number associated with a particular computer or computer network. When connected to the Internet, the IP address allows computers to send and receive information.

An IP address is similar to a social security number. It is assigned to the user of the computer. At the same time, it is completely unique. By creating the numbers, routers can detect where you send information on the Internet. They also ensure that the correct devices receive the data sent. This can also be the printer, a smartphone or a wifi washing machine in your own home network.

Similar to how the postal service needs a postal address to deliver a package, a router needs an IP address to deliver the requested web address.

Why should I my IP-address hide?

An IP address enables information to be sent and received by the right people. At the same time, the IP address can be used to track down the physical location of a user. To preserve your privacy, you should hide the IP address.

There are various reasons for a masking of the IP address:

  • Hide the geographical location
  • Prevent web tracking of websites – Many online stores store your data for advertising purposes.
  • Avoiding a digital footprint
  • Bypass content filtering – Many countries e.g. China censor certain pages
  • Opening forbidden pages (Darknet)
  • Blacklisting – your email address is blacklisted without any reasons because you share an IP address.

Three Possibilities Your IP to hide

1. one uses a VPN-serviceFor us the best Way

By logging into a VPN service, you surf with a different IP address that you borrow from the VPN service. On a high-speed bandwidth you can surf quickly and safely.

The VPN is very user-friendly compared to other masking options. It provides a secure and stable connection. The own IP address is encrypted. Of course, this is highly dependent on the VPN provider. Here you should inform yourself sufficiently and focus on absolute security and anonymity.

Caution from shady and dubious VPN-providers!

2. IPAddress hide with the Tor Browser – The slowest Choice

Everyone who is often on the Internet has heard of the Tor browser at least once. You could say it is the “gateway” to a new world. You can search and buy products and communicate with other people who otherwise have limited or censored Internet access. This is the case in politically totalitarian systems, for example in China. Political topics can be freely discussed via Tor.

The Tor browser is a free software, a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Safari, so to speak. You download it and then you can go online anonymously. Unlike the VPN, this process is free of charge. The disadvantage is that not all devices in the home network are protected, only “browsing”.

Unfortunately, Tor today is not what it used to be. With the NSA scandal, it was revealed that Tor logs were being read. The anonymity was thus removed. Furthermore, there are many efforts to hack Tor security. Tor always has data leaks that you want to “plug” as soon as possible.

3. anonymous at net with proxy server – the riskiest Method

A proxy server should rather be used for “simple” things. The proxy server is installed quickly. For example, you can use it to unblock content filters from schools or employers to access certain pages that are otherwise blocked. Proxies are provided free of charge. However, many slow down the Internet connection.

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VPN hidden IP-Address in free WiFi

Whenever you are traveling, you can use public Wi-Fi in a café, bookstore or hotel lobby. At this moment, you surf with the IP address of the existing network when you are online.

Using an IP tracker like you can compare the IP address on the public WLAN with the IP at home. You should see two different IPs here.

On the other side of the coin, public WLANs are particularly prone to hacking. Therefore, it is necessary to install a VPN in cafes and other public hotspots. A VPN prevents the Internet activities from being spied by a stranger.

Caution: If you are on a public WLAN, do not make online purchases or bank account checks with your laptop or smartphone without a VPN.

Conclusion: Can I my IP-address really hide?

Yes it works! Stay informed and always up to date on what options for concealment are safe and timely. In our advisor portal, you can read through the various advisor articles and get a holistic overview of the topic of data security.

As a VPN Cube provider, we at DN8 have consciously chosen Open VPN technology, so our conclusion is that a quality VPN is the safest way to surf the net anonymously. With a VPN service, you can use high-speed bandwidth. It is user-friendly and you make a secure connection.

Another advantage is that you have an access to sites that are otherwise blocked and you can dial to any country you want to be in with the VPN.

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