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Apple TV VPN

The Apple TV is a must-have for movie and series junkies, because no other smart TV provider works with such a wide range of streaming services. Netflix, Sky Ticket, TV Now Plus, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and many other apps in the App Store offer everything your heart desires.

Apple fans swear by the easy usability and the high-quality design, but even these TVs reach their limits when it comes to geo-blocking. If you want to stream content from abroad at home, are on vacation, or are outside the country on business, you’ll quickly run into country blocks with many streaming providers.

Bypass geoblocking with a VPN

“This content is not available in your country.” A VPN connection puts an end to country locks!

Geoblocking is a method used by movie distributors, streaming services, and broadcasters to limit access to their content. The restrictions are based on your IP address, which reveals information about your location. Based on your location, you can only use movies and series, sporting events and music that the respective streaming portal has licensed for your country.

To get the most out of your Apple TV and bypass geoblocking, a VPN is ideal, because it disguises the IP address and thus the location of your Apple device.

DN8 VPN for all Apple TVs

Connect your Apple device to the DN8 VPN:

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Your mobile VPN router
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With our VPN, you have the choice of servers around the globe. This improves the selection of streaming offers immensely. Install and connect to the VPN and use, for example, American or British servers to stream content from those countries.

Our VPN supports numerous devices (including Mac, iPhone, iPad). With the encrypted VPN tunnel, you can surf the WLAN.

How to set up VPN on an Apple TV

The process is more difficult than with the PC or smartphone, because an Apple TV cannot be easily configured with a VPN. Downloading and installing a Virtual Private Network on Apple TV is not possible. The Apple console does not inherently support VPNs. Instead of using an app, the VPN is set up on the router. Other approaches are also possible.

VPN on the router – advantages and disadvantages

The setup on the router has a few advantages, but also disadvantages.




The VPN cannot be downloaded and installed directly on the Apple TV. Setting up the VPN on your own router is the easiest option. Preconfigured routers save time and nerves.

Another approach is to use MediaStreamer DNS. Instead of VPN encryption, a proxy service is used here.

A foreign IP address is required to unlock geoblocking and make Netflix usable abroad, for example. DN8 provides its own infrastructure and servers for this purpose, which can be used to simulate a foreign location.

In fact, many VPNs reduce the Internet connection. Thanks to our powerful VPN technology, you surf almost as fast as before.

The best VPN for Apple TV

Enjoy streaming on Apple TV to the fullest without worrying about country locks. We recommend our PrivacyCube – no complex configuration is required. The Cube is plugged into the router and all devices in the household or company are automatically secured – even the Apple TV!

Surf safely now

Your mobile VPN router
Our DN8 PrivacyCube
From €6.99

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