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Change the IP address with a VPN

On the Internet, activities are more or less visible: whether you shop online, send e-mails, or stream your favorite show – you always leave a digital fingerprint. Based on the address of the computer, the IP address, the behavior on the Internet can be traced. A VPN provider ensures security and privacy on the Internet by hiding the real IP address.

IP address has a lot to tell about you…

The IP address reveals the approximate location, as well as which Internet provider one uses. Geolocation works relatively accurately depending on the distance to the nearest Internet dial-up node. In cities, identification is easier because the dial-up nodes are often not far from one’s own apartment or house.

What is an IP address?

The abbreviation IP stands for Internet Protocol. The Internet Protocol is a widely used network standard and the basis of the Internet. The IP address consists of a string of numbers with four blocks separated by dots, e.g. This address is structured according to the IPv4 standard: four numbers between 0 and 255. The newer IPv6 standard allows a larger address space with character blocks of numbers and letters, for example: fd70:0010:0000:0000:0000:0000:0001. So far, however, version 6 has not yet caught on for various reasons.

Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP address. Even a smartphone or laptop, which can be used to surf online, have a unique IP. It is assigned by provider. The IP address is the public identification number of a computer on the Web. It is comparable to a postal address. Or a phone number to a phone. An IP address makes devices addressable and thus reachable.

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Why is it so important to hide your IP?

Everyone who uses the Internet leaves behind a so-called digital fingerprint. IP addresses are a simple technical way to identify users online. The digital fingerprint is created automatically while surfing. Any device using the IP address visible to third party websites.

The Internet service provider can track the data flow of its customers. The provider knows what you have done on the web – from online banking, for example, to your social media profile and which streaming services you use. Mobile devices also make it possible to create movement profiles. However, the Internet provider is legally obliged to delete the complete history data after the Internet session.

Each website collects the information about the browsing behavior of its visitors and shares it with third parties. By third parties, we mean analytics tools such as Google Analytics or trackers from advertisers. Most of the time, data collection happens without the Internet user noticing it. When you change the IP address, you disguise your identity on theInternet.

Advantages of a VPN

A VPN has much more advantages than just disguising the IP address, or more precisely, changing it

✔ Safe surfing on the public WLAN

Freely usable WLANs in cafés or restaurants offer hackers the opportunity to get between the device and the network and tap into the data. With an activated VPN connection, personal data is also protected on the road. Encryption prevents attacks from cybercriminals.

✔ Streaming without geoblocking

Enjoying series and movies from all over the world at home is no problem with a VPN. Choose a server abroad and bypass the country-specific restrictions. With a VPN, geoblocking is a thing of the past.

✔ Switch off advertising tracking

Web tracking is used by advertisers for tracking the movement of users on the Internet. Based on the search behavior, a profile can be created to present you with targeted advertisements. Not with a VPN connection!

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