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Surf anonymously with VPN

A VPN connection encrypts all data and thus enables anonymous surfing on the Internet. By using virtual locations around the world, the real IP address is hidden. A virtual private network makes it possible to disguise online activities and bypass geoblocking barriers – without greatly affecting surfing speed.

Why Snowden is right

Ex-NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the disproportionate surveillance of the US intelligence agency NSA. Surveillance of global Internet communications has not decreased since then, on the contrary. China is a negative example of mass surveillance of the population through their mobile devices, which they use to access the Internet on a daily basis. Many Chinese can no longer live without Internet access, be it for messaging, social networking, cab services to delivering groceries and paying taxes. This allows state authorities to monitor all activities and silence critics of the regime.

“If you say I don’t care about privacy, I have nothing to hide, that’s like saying I don’t care about freedom of expression, I have nothing to say.” This is probably Edward Snowden’s most famous quote. He is right. When we feel we are being watched, we pretend. We behave as we believe is expected of us. This leads us to censor ourselves. This is how the scissors in the head begin.

This is what you reveal on the Internet

There are many good reasons to cover your tracks on the Internet – from privacy to preventing tracking by the advertising industry.

An IP address is a network address. Each device in a network needs a unique “house number” to communicate with other devices and to receive and send data. The IP address is assigned by your provider. Data packets can thus be addressed and delivered correctly. This “house number” of the computer defines the location on the Internet. The IP address is the user’s digital fingerprint, by which one can be identified and located.

Personal data:
A (static) IP address is personal data, as the IP address can be clearly assigned to a natural person, namely the connection owner, by the Internet provider. If one enters one’s real name when surfing the Internet, for example when registering in an online store, a personal reference is given, since the IP address is clearly assigned to the personal data.

Your location:
The IP address can be used to determine the current location. In so-called “IP databases”, a location is recorded for each IP. The identification of the geographical location of a device is called “geolocation”. Sometimes other information is displayed in addition to the IP address, such as the provider and its contact information. The use of mobile devices creates analyzable movement patterns that reveal information about the workplace or leisure activities, for example.

Your online activities:
Shared information on social media platforms, websites you visit, and purchases you make online… your browsing behavior is almost entirely collected by big companies like Google or Facebook. The more one is on the Internet, the more detailed is the profile of one’s stored interests, relationships, business, and even one’s own problems.

Your e-mail address:
When sending e-mails via IP address, your e-mail address is no longer a mystery either. In the so-called “mail header” the IP is visible to everyone.

Personality profiles and movement profiles created by data collections on the network are sold. The advertising industry, but also personnel departments, for example, pay for detailed information. States, especially intelligence agencies, may also be interested in your activities.

Surf safely now

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How a VPN works

The primary purpose of a VPN is to protect your privacy on the web. One speaks of anonymous surfing when the unique IP address is encrypted, for example, with the help of a VPN. However, there are other ways to obfuscate, such as using an anonymous proxy or other services.

VPN software not only provides encryption for a browser, but protects every program, every app that you can use to go online. A VPN acts as a kind of intermediary between the device and the website being accessed. The tool forwards the sent data so that neither the operator of the website can read your IP address nor assign the location regionally. Even your own Internet provider cannot record the traffic data.

The advantages of a VPN

✔ More privacy on the Internet: A VPN protects personal data through secure encryption.

✔ Protection against surveillance and spying on the Internet: Improved anonymity when surfing ensures that mass surveillance by authorities or private companies is no longer as easy.

✔ No recording of own data traffic: If data collection is not possible by the provider or other platforms and services, they cannot be misused for other purposes.

✔ Greater security in public networks: With a VPN, your own Internet connection is also protected in the public WLAN, so that hackers cannot easily access and intercept data.

✔ Geoblocking is eliminated: Without geoblocking, it is possible to access content such as videos, movies, and music, as well as entire websites from other countries or regions that were previously blocked.

Surf anonymously with our VPN

The Virtual Private Network from VPN provider DN8 offers security, encryption and anonymity in one. With our PrivacyCube, which anyone can install as easy as child’s play, you are protected on the go with your PC, smartphone, tablet and any other Internet-enabled device. The VPN routes all traffic through other servers. At DN8, servers are available in a wide variety of locations around the world.

Experts and users agree: A VPN reliably prevents spying on the IP address and personal data. Protect yourself now with DN8!

Surf safely now

Your mobile VPN router
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From €6.99

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