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What is an IP Changer?

Our Data were in the past disproportionate used. The desire to Privacy and the turning away of the total Transparency stand at Focus: The human being should no glass user, but a black box!

On the Internet, protecting one’s privacy is the responsibility of the individual.

As a human being, you want to feel secure in your privacy. Today, anonymity is becoming an important factor in the networked and transparent society of the Internet.

An IP Changer is a tool, with which you can create own Privacy at Net protect can. It is enough to press a button to change the network profile to important settings. If this change is to happen quickly, an IP Changer is worthwhile.

Setting network profiles with regard to:

  • The IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • DNS
  • Proxy

What does a IP Changer?

The IP Changer is interesting for those people who, for example, work in different network profiles at work and at home. IP Changer describes the function: The IP address is changed.

For this reason TOR, VPNs and proxy scripts areconsidered IP changers. With all applications, you can change the IP via the push of a button.

Browser extensions for anonymous browsing are not IP changer software. Here, the IP address is not obfuscated. You surf anonymously, but other applications still see the “real” IP.

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What is a IP-address?

The IP Changer improves the Privacy at Internet, which nowadays none Self-evident more is. An IP is your address that can be used to track your activities. This includes:

  • Browser activities
  • Search queries
  • Your location

An IP address can be uniquely assigned to you.

Why should the IPaddress hide?

It is now known that Internet providers and governments have access to sensitive data. Website operators see what you are interested in. They can trace you back to your location.

The onlinePrivacy is severely restricted. One’s own privacy can be strengthened on the Internet with just a few settings. You don’t have to be an encryption expert to install a VPN.

How can one’s IPaddress change?

The three most popular methods of IP obfuscation are Tor, proxy and VPN.

  1. A proxy is also an IP changer. You reinstall it for each web browser, email, etc. One must be careful to turn on this proxy for all individual applications. This can become tedious under certain circumstances. In contrast, a VPN is user-friendly.
  2. The TOR Browser use manyto at deep web to surf. This encryption technique is more complex. The data packets travel on a random route through different nodes. The predecessors and the successor nodes are anonymous. The downside is that the nodes are managed by government agencies. It is a “perceived” security in which one lulls oneself.
  3. IP-Address change via Windows and Mac. Since each device has its own IP (PC, router, printer, etc.) you can change the IP address specifically. Under ‘Network Settings’ and ‘Router Settings’ you can e.g.change your router IP . At the same time, you canchange the IP via the browser . In Opera there is a built-in VPN (menu > settings > privacy & security > VPN). You can activate the VPN there directly and surf anonymously. In Google’s Chrome Web Store you can find such browser extension also.

VPN Service as solutionto get the IPaddress to hide

VPN services establish a direct connection to the target server. At the same time, the data is returned encrypted. A VPN encrypts the communication between the device (PC) and the Internet

VPN tools hide the IP address by putting the VPN in between like a door. Your location as well as your real IP will be hidden by the IP of the VPN.

You can choose any place in the world to surf with. VPN solutions help unblock streaming services. The VPN client provides basic privacy protection. Since there are various VPN providers on the market, the quality is competitively high.

OpenVPN is a free available open source software. This can be used to set up encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs).

What are other advantages of a VPNs?

A VPN has many advantages in terms of your privacy. You can hide your identity from website operators. Their activities are more difficult to track against hackers. At the same time, you can protect yourself from outside attacks in the open W-LAN, e.g. in the café.

A VPN helps you access blocked content. They reach Netflix USA as well as websites that are censored by the government.

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